Martha Ainsworth’s England Travel Tips

How and When to Plan Your Trip

What to do in advance: 6 months, 4 months, 3 months

To enjoy your trip, you must plan ahead, especially for your first visit to England. Do some reading. Watch a travel video to get a sense of what you might like to see. Plan your itinerary in advance. But be willing to change your mind on the spur of the moment once you get there, if an interesting opportunity arises.

People often ask me, what should I be sure to see in England? I can only answer that in part. There are a handful of “must see” places. But beyond that it’s up to your tastes and interests. Do you like shopping? scenery? ancient history? mystery? architecture? gardens? theater? literary history? food and drink? Only you can decide.

You must buy a guide book so you will know what there is to see and do. The guide book will also contain essential, basic travel information about transportation, currency, communication, emergencies, etc. Travel websites are a helpful beginning, but you can’t rely entirely on the web. When you get there, you will need a book in your hand.

You also need to consider your personal travel style (and that of your traveling companions). Do you like your vacations to be activity-packed, or more leisurely? You’ll enjoy your trip much more if you allow yourself to take the pace that suits you.

6 months in advance:

4 months in advance:

  • Make reservations at B+Bs and hotels.

3 months in advance:

  • Buy airline tickets.
  • Make rental car reservation.

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