Martha Ainsworth’s England Travel Tips

“There will always be an England...”There will always be an England

Why are we so fascinated with England? For many Americans, England is indelibly intertwined with our own cultural heritage. We have grown up with English legends, English literature, English fairy tales, English history and English mythology: King Arthur, knights in shining armor, Canterbury pilgrims, Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen and Bronte, kings and queens, Victoriana, and two World Wars. For Episcopalians it also is a foundation of our spiritual heritage.

England is familiar, yet alien. Many Americans are drawn to England in search of authenticity. American culture is young and not yet deeply rooted. To step into a building a thousand years old, to touch something that is part of a history which stretches back not decades but centuries, is to be connected to a context of reality that we simply cannot achieve in a country barely 200 years old. In England, we encounter ancient legends face to face.

I have been fortunate to travel to England many times. After the first time, I have planned my trips myself. Because so many friends have asked me for travel advice, I am here offering what I know about planning a trip to England. This is not a complete guide, nor does it replace a guide book. But there are some helpful tips here to supplement your guide book.

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