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How To Send Money From
The U.S. to England

Any time you ask an individual or an organization for information to be sent to you from England, ALWAYS enclose a preaddressed envelope and an International Reply Coupon to pay for return postage. International Reply Coupons can be purchased at your post office for $1.05 each. One IRC is redeemable for a first class letter stamp in England. If you are asking for something heavier than a single letter, send several IRCís.

Courtesy, please: When asking for information from a library you will probably be asked for money to cover their time and expense. Remember that you do not pay taxes to support their work; they do not owe you anything, so whatever you ask for, ask with courtesy and humility and do not be demanding. If your request is substantial, pick up the phone and call to ask how much you should send to cover the cost. Librarians tend to be very helpful, but make your request as specific as you can to avoid imposing on their time.

Contributions and payments should always be made in pounds sterling. Very few organizations are able to accept US$ or convert your money. Ruesch International, 1-800-424-2923, will convert your personal check into pounds sterling for a fee of $5.00. This is by far the least expensive way to send small amounts of money overseas. Allow time; you will need to mail your personal check to Ruesch and wait for them to send back a converted check. Call them for details.